Year round each Sunday at 10am in the Hearth Room for high school aged youth and adults.
Exceptions are for single Worship Service Sundays or inclement weather service cancellations.
Be sure to check the calendar!

Questions about Adult Sunday School? Contact instructors Jan Pellant, Beverly Melchor-Young, or Teena Kern.


The Present Word is the current Bible lesson book that New Horizon Presbyterian Church utilizes for Bible Study, otherwise known as Adult Sunday School. The theme for fall 2023 is “God’s Law is Love”. The Present Word is a quarterly Bible Study and is based on the Uniform Series, the plan for reading and studying the Bible. According to the lesson guide, the objectives of the series are to help people with the following:

  • To know the content of the Bible
  • To understand the message of the Bible in light of their experiences and relationships
  • To be aware of God’s self-disclosure, especially God’s redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ, that they may respond in faith and love

The Present Word‘s Editor, Martha Bettis Gee, provides this brief introduction to the fall lessons:

“To one degree or another, our lives are governed by laws and regulations. As citizens, we are bound to abide by the laws of the land, those statues and regulations that in large part govern our existence as members of a community, state, or nation. We may complain about being over-regulated, but in the end most of us functions to the benefit of the safety, welfare, and common good of all. And if a law is unjust, or if it is administered to the benefit of some, but to the detriment of others, there is always the possibility that w can work together to change the law so it benefits everyone equally.

As Christians, we are part of another community, the community bound together by God’s call to be disciples. Out life together as members of the community of faith is shaped buy common understandings of what it means to be children of God. But being human, we often find ourselves setting up boundaries that separate us from other Christians based on assumptions – conscious or unconscious – about rules by which we think our siblings in Christ must abide. Perhaps we believe in the virgin birth, and we think all Christians should too. Or maybe we think infants should be baptized, or that they definitely should not be. Or we may think that we, not God, can choose whom God calls to be included. One Christian’s list of Essential Tenets of the Faith may not be a litmus test for another believer.

It is so easy to forget that human laws an statutes are fallible. It is so easy to latch onto a list of required behaviors we can check off in order to be considered a good Christian. But our understanding of law is not necessarily Gods law. In Jesus Christ, we are confronted with the truth that compassion is more important than a rigid interpretation of the law, that love trumps any list of required rules or regulations for the Christian life. As you explore this study together, may you discover anew God’s radical commandment to love, and God’s abundant and never-ending grace.”